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We take very seriously the privacy of our website users and the security of their personal information. For the purposes of data protection law, Merck Serono S.A. is the company that controls the processing of your personal data.
The purpose of this privacy policy is to set out the principles governing our use of personal information that we may obtain about you. By using this website, or (where applicable) by registering as a user of the services which we provide or by calling our hotline, you agree to this use. We ask you to read this privacy policy carefully. Any dispute which may arise over privacy will be subject to this policy, the data protection notice (if any) incorporated into this website and the provisions of Swiss law.
We may change our privacy policy from time to time. We therefore ask you to check it occasionally to ensure that you are aware of the most recent version which will apply each time you access this website.
1. Aggregate Information
We monitor the use of this website by collecting aggregate information. No personally identifiable data are collected in this process. Typically, we collect information about the number of visitors to the website, to each web page and the originating domain name of the visitor's Internet Service Provider. This information is used to understand the visitor's use of the website and may be shared with other companies within Merck Serono and with other third parties.
2. Personal Information
If you are required to register in order to use this website, to otherwise complete an online application form or to provide data when calling our hotline, then we will collect personally identifiable information about you, such as your name, e-mail address, country of residence and other information which you voluntarily submit.
Occasionally we may obtain sensitive personal information about you, for example, information relating to your physical or mental health or condition, but only if you voluntarily provide us with this information. We may also obtain information about your opinions if you, for example, send us feedback, or ask us questions.
We may also, occasionally, receive information about you from other sources that we will add to the information which we already hold about you in order to help us improve and personalize our service to you.
If we have collected any personal information about you (eg because you have registered as a user, or contacted us) then we will hold and use such information in accordance with this privacy policy and any data protection notice which we gave to you when you supplied us with your personal information.
Merck Serono, including the subsidiaries, divisions and groups worldwide and/or the companies we hire to perform services on our behalf will use any personally identifiable information you choose to give us to comply with your requests. We will retain control of and responsibility for the use of this information. Some of this data may be stored or processed at computers located in other jurisdictions, such as the United States, whose data protection laws may differ from the jurisdiction in which you live. In such cases, we will ensure that appropriate protections are in place to require the data processor in that country to maintain protections on the data that are equivalent to those that apply in Switzerland.
The information will be helpful for us to better understand your needs and how we can improve our products and services. For example, we may analyze the gender or age of visitors to sites about a particular medication or disease state, and we may use that analysis of aggregate data internally or share it with others. It helps us also to personalize certain communications with you about services and promotions that you might find interesting or to fulfill your requests and develop our business relationship with you and the entities you represent.
Merck Serono shares personally identifiable data about you with various outside companies or agents doing technological maintenance or working on our behalf to help fulfill business transactions, such as providing customer services, sending marketing communications about our products, services and offers. We may also share personally identifiable data with our company's subsidiaries and affiliates. All these companies and agents are required to comply with the terms of our privacy policies.
If we have specified (in a data protection notice on this website) that we will contact you with information about our products or services or those of other Merck Serono companies and you wish to opt out of receiving such information, then you can do so by sending a mail to:
Merck Serono S.A. 9,
chemin des Mines
Case postale 54
CH-1211 Geneva 20
Note: Please address your letter of attention to the concerned department.
You should clearly state your name, username (if any) and registration details (if any) and the name of this website on all communications.
If we collect any information relating to you, we will store it on a secure server which is password protected and shielded from the outside world by a firewall. We have in place security policies that are intended to ensure, as far as possible, the security and integrity of all our information, including your personal information.
Cookies are small files that are sent to your web browser and stored on your computer's hard disk. If you are required to register to use this website, then cookies will be created and transferred to your hard disk upon first registration. They are subsequently used to identify your computer and allow you repeated access to the website without having to log on each time. The cookie is used purely to speed up your access to the website and the information you wish to see. The majority of web browsers accept cookies, but you can usually change the browser settings to prevent the transfer. However, please be aware that, if you do so, some functionality may be lost.
We sometimes employ other companies and individuals to perform functions on our behalf. They may need access to your personal information, but solely in order to perform their functions.
We may use the information we gather and/or receive about you to investigate and help prevent unlawful activity or activity that threatens our network or otherwise jeopardises the provision of this website.
If we process personal information about you, then you have a right under Swiss data protection law to request access to that personal information (for which we may seek reimbursement of processing costs).You also have a right to require any inaccuracies in your information to be corrected free of charge. You can ask us to modify your details by sending a mail to:
Merck Serono S.A. 9,
chemin des Mines
Case postale 54
CH-1211 Geneva 20
Note: Please address your letter of attention to the concerned department.
Please state your name and the subject of your message clearly on all communications and include your username or registration details if you were provided with any.
References to "Merck Serono", "we", "us" and"our" are references to Merck Serono, a division of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.
You can contact Merck Serono S.A. by sending a mail to:
Merck Serono S.A. 9,
chemin des Mines
Case postale 54
CH-1211 Geneva 20
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